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Play more, wonder often a… September 18, 2012

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Play more, wonder often and daydream.

This post is slightly different, in that you are the thinker, writer or artist.

Everyone should get their creatvity flowing once in awhile. For some, this comes naturally, while for others it can be a difficult experience. Try to create a story based on the following scenarios. Write it down or draw a picture to tell the story!

1) Your boss tells you that you are in charge of designing the new office. What does it look like?

2) You have just discovered that aliens exist.

3) On your door step, lies a bag with a million dollars.

There is no such thing as being born creative. Everyone has a creative side to them waiting to come out and play!


What Are You Thankful For? September 17, 2012

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Today I am thankful for having shutters on my windows in Geneva. I actually did not know these existed until a friend stayed at my place and  I came home and they were shut! Up until then, the sun would shine in early every morning through my white curtains! I chose white because I like the simplicity of that colourless colour. I actually have to wash them soon as they have not been cleaned ever since I put them up. But I was worried about the sunlight coming in before and that is why I never took them down…but now I know that I have shutters and they are okay to be removed for a day or two.

I am thankful for finding my thick socks yesterday in an old bag at the bottom of my closet. It is starting to get cold here and I was wondering where I would find such socks in Geneva. Socks are hard to find in this city. Fun socks at least are not easy to come by. And the cost of 5 pairs back at home is what I would pay for one here! I found my brown polka dotted ones. I have them in my purse in case my feet get cold. Right now they are keeping  my ipad warm.

And this weekend I have to be thankful for the CSI Miami dvd that I found in a box. I do not have cable. The movie store down the road has been closed down. I cannot get netflix and sites such as Sidereel do not work half the time because they are blocked in Switzerland! I needed something to do on Saturday night and Mr. Caine kept me company. Okay fine, I know it is unrealistic, but I like the shots of Miami. I imagine myself on a beach when I see that.

So what do you have to be thankful for today??