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50 Things to do in 3 Months January 22, 2013

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So, as I was sitting with a couple of girlfriends, having raclette last Sunday, it dawned on me…once again, that I will have a bit more time in the next few months to do a little bit of ‘fun’ stuff.

So, I came up with a list of 50 Things to Do before the end of April. I will bold ones that I complete.

1) Downhill ski – okay i watched!
2) Read at least 2 books that dad gave me to read last year and…
3) engage in a discussion with him about the books
4) Invite Estelle and Wahida over for a home cooked meal (since they seem to be my insipration for this list)…fine we went out for dinner
5) Take a writing course
6) Sleep in
7) Take a dip in the outdoor thermal baths
8) Tour Lyon
9) Have tea with someone from Interpol – the intention was there, we just did not connect
10) Get pampered in Budapest
11) Break plates in Greece – did not end up going to Greece
12) Sheesha in Istanbul
13) See a classical music concert – went to an opera instead
14) Take more photos
15) Go to the gym at least twice a week
16) Avoid chocolate for one week (this one will be tough)- I gave up on this
17) Find a new place for red velvet cupcakes
18) Write a travel piece
19) Be more patient
20) Choose 3 cities that I want to live in by 2022
21) Dance to techno in my apartment
22) Take a GIT class
23) Organize a wii party (will have to find one!)
24) Bikiniboggan
25) Get a medical check up done
26) Try a new fruit
27) Practice gratitude more
28) Take a train to Paris
29) Read Ricardo’s Oxfam Blog – browsed
30) Watch the news once a week – i began doing this but then became mentally exhausted
31) Blog every 2 weeks
32) Research on literacy
33) Eat Kale
34) Say good morning to 3 strangers every Monday
35) Eat more spinach
36) Start my 2 year photography book
37) Take vitamins everyday – does every 2 days count?
38) A random train ride through Switzerland and visit Lea and Yannick in Zug
39) Take pictures of children playing in the park (this one could lead to other issues)
40) Buy orange pants
41) Read through the Geneva Know it All book
42) Find 3 things to do from the Geneva Know it All book
43) Have chocolate moelleux (after the one week chocolate hiatus)
44) Try snowboarding
45) Watch the movie, the First Grader
46) Buy a big belt
47) Have a Starbucks everyday for one week
48) Write a letter to someone that I have never written to before
49) Wake up at 2am and grab a croissant from the bakery below me
50) Stretch and breathe and enjoy life


Intolerance to Rape January 13, 2013

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Someone left their laptop at security and no one seems to want to claim it. What a great way to start the flying in the New Year, a new bottle of champagne being popped open on KLM…my first in flight drink of 2013.

I have read quite a few articles posted about the rapes in Delhi, the rape capital of India, during the holiday. I spent 3 months there, wandering on my own, as if I were invincible. Rape is common in many of the countries that I work in, and if you compare it to the population of Nairobi and rape cases there for example, I’m not sure which is worse. Of course, either way it is an incomprehensible crime and should not be tolerated. And these are only the reported cases of rape. In many countries, women are still blamed for this horrific act and are made to feel shameful and therefore, many cases go unreported. I read an article that insinuated that the Delhi police feel that some women deserve it. Now would you as a woman living there, want to report this crime when almost the entire police force is comprised of males?? But do not look down on India, for rape happens out West too. And even in countries where there are laws that are followed against this crime, many still go unreported.

I took public transportation each day for 3 months. The metro stations were always packed and there was no order. As people get off the train, others are trying to get on at the same time. I lost a shoe twice, but found it both times once the crowd dispersed. There is a compartment just for women on the metro. I think it was a wonderful idea, as more women are probably using public transport now, however, i do wonder how men will come to accepting and seeing women as equals, if such a seperation exists. Women can ride in the ‘both sex’ compartments, but if you were a woman there, would you? I rather not ride with all those men, just staring. In the women’s compartment I was also stared at, but probably because I looked hideous according to them. I was no doubt the only woman with my wet hair tied up. All others showed off their gorgeous locks. I did not mind my hairy arms or unruly eyebrows. And I love to tan, yes, in a place where fair and lovely is beautiful.

I still have to say that being there was a wonderful experience overall and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know some of India in more depth. I do hope to go back to India someday soon and see places other than Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat and Bihar. Years ago I also ventured to Agra, Jaiper, Udaipur, Goa and Kerala. Still so much of it to see!