Adventures from Here and There

Get Over It! September 22, 2011

Filed under: Random Stuff — travelchokri @ 10:26 am

feeling sad?

wear a fake mustache, don’t bathe, sing ginan or a hymn, don’t drink excessively, take a nap with your head on the other side of the bed, blog, sing karaoke on your own, don’t get onto the scale at home, try to say the alphabet while brushing your teeth, colour your hair red, play dandia (not everyone will know what this is. but just take 2 sticks, put on some music and start hitting them together. if you have a friend, give them two sticks too. hit your sticks together. do some twirls. jump and down and shout hey)…, throw eggs at your neighbour’s house or cover their door handles with vaseline.

do remember…to smile.


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