Adventures from Here and There

Just There November 22, 2011

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Nothing new really to post. But it has been awhile. My trip to Portugal was fantastic. I spent Friday and Saturday night in the Algarves. Ate good food, had great chat and listened to wicked 80s music! The drive to Lisbon on Sunday was fine. I was there for a week for our PLG – programme learning group. Participants from about 17 of our countries were present at the workshop – a great way for me to meet more people within the network and to learn about the different programmes on the ground in the other countries. Did a little bit of shopping…of course. Had a great night at the delegation offices, where we listened to Fado music. Beautiful. My body does not know whether it is coming or going. I cannot sleep before 2am now each night. But I a  not tired, which is great. This week is pretty busy here with CEO meetings all week. I leave for London and Oxford on Saturday. Yay!


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