Adventures from Here and There

Bliss November 27, 2011

Filed under: Travel — travelchokri @ 11:47 pm

landed in london on saturday morning. was a nice day. was staying with farrah. the streets were so insane that we could not even move! met up with shy, a friend from nairobi, who is now in london and we had yummy burgers! headed back to her place in portman square and had a few drinks…was different to see her out of the kenya context. glad she is happy. went to the valmont at night for fj’s birthday…the other fj. had a nice time dancing again. i have eaten way too many cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, etc. went to the hilton park lane spa with aliyah today but we were late so we missed one of our treatments. our half and hour massage was not half an hour…15 mins! we were not thrilled, but very tactfully, is that a word, complained. so we may be back there next sunday. the afternoon tea was wonderful though, with scones and sandwiches. rich black tea and bellinis. i am now in oxford. training begins tomorrow for a week. i like oxford. this cute little hotel is so xmasy too. i love it. the train ride was nice…strange…everyone around me was on facebook. what an addiction…seriously…everyone around me, including me, seems so engulfed by this social networking site! i love london. and when i get here, things are totally in perspective again. it is hard to hold on to that though once i leave. well…that is all for now.


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