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I Love London! December 7, 2011

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the last 10 days or so were spent in the UK – weekends in London and the remainder of the time in Oxford. I was on a Monitoring and Evaluation training there and had a meeting in London as well, but mostly, london was play time. Oxford was great. Met some interesting people and know how to use an impact grid now! I went into the city centre every single day, only getting lost on the first day when i got off at the wrong bus stop and had to walk what felt like miles in the rain! but i had U2 to keep me company. met up with farid, a friend from university, who is now doing his MBA there. the last time we met up was 5 years ago, while he was in Egypt. he looks the same.

london – well, as amazing as it always is. i fell in love with that city the second i landed in 2000, after i ran away from home. okay, not really from home, but yes, i did run away from stuff. for some reason, i felt like i had to go to london. so i quit my job at Saatchi & Saatchi, in the hopes of a new life. I did go to S&S there, where it all began, but my heart told me to…well…forget about a ‘real’ job and work at a wine bar. i lasted a day. next, a member’s lounge in knightsbridge. so what if i knocked over 6 champagne flutes on the first day, after that, it was easy sailing! after a month and half or so, it was time to return home. and so i did…and entered a new career path – teaching. years later, i would return to london again, on the run once again. this time though, i had the not so wonderful opportunity to supply teach. everyone knows that unless you are insane, you do not take something like that up in london. i remember a grade 3 girl telling me to F off. so 2 months went by and i returned home again. back to this trip, i felt alive….more than usual. the city was buzzing and the fact that it was the holiday season made it even more bustling. people hate the crowds. i love them. especially in london. it was nice to see girlfriends and i realized how much i miss them in my life. it was a bit tough to leave them this time, without feeling that horrible feeling that one does in the pit for their stomach when it is time to go. i also met up with ex academy kids. that was interesting. i had never partied with them in nairobi, but it was time.

i ate and drank like the world was coming to an end. from red velvet cupcakes to chocolate souffle. the things you can get in london! M&S in the best! so much good food you can takeaway. i do not have those options in geneva. a few going out nights and dinners, now i shall be fine for a couple of weeks, until i return home to do the same. home? where is home? canada is still home.

london is a place for friends, lovers, singletons, families, mad people and all walks of life. every area offers something different…from artsy notting hill to swanky knightsbridge. i love it all!


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