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Today’s Vibe January 13, 2012

Filed under: Random Stuff — travelchokri @ 9:03 am
over time, we learn that people we expect to be there for us, are not always. people whom we never gave much time to, are there for us. we will encounter wonderful individuals, but some, that we can never quite connect with. we will break hearts, and be heart broken. sometimes we shall succeed and at others, feel as though we have failed. we will laugh. we will cry. and at times, laugh and cry at the same time! we shall ponder, dream, take chances and step out of our element. don’t let time slip away. laugh until your tummy hurts, sing out loud, dance naked, eat dessert first, stay up all night watching movies, break into dance, hug someone. Do it now! Happy Friday!

One Response to “Today’s Vibe”

  1. Faiza Says:

    happy friday to you too!

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