Adventures from Here and There

What A Ride! August 2, 2012

Filed under: Random Stuff — travelchokri @ 9:13 pm

Two years ago, life took a different course for me. It was not easy, but today I see how it all made sense. I have had the most amazing experiences and met some of the most fabulous people on this journey.  It has been a truly remarkable ride!

I must thank my family and friends for all their support in the past 2 years. From the bbms to skype chats, thanks for the laughs and encouragement. The trips here and there with old friends and new ones, added to the adventure. I must thank all the special souls that have walked into my life. Every individual has left their mark on me in some form or another. I am whom I have become based on these encounters…bits and pieces of many of you.

I know I’ve said this before, but there is always a reason for everything, even if we have no bloody clue what it’s all about.

The world is an amazing place; complex, yet so simple.

We all have the strength to choose better for ourselves.


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