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Mango Lotion…this is a must! November 19, 2012

Filed under: Random Stuff — travelchokri @ 10:51 am

So I do not usually endorse products, but this one time, I have the desire to.

If you are a fan of mango scented lotions, then I must recommend L’Occitane’s Mango Flower Hand Cream. There is one for the body too, but I think I might attract too many strange…bugs if I lather myself in this stuff. I have tried other mango lotions out there, from different companies, but I must say, this one is definitely one you should grab, since it is a limited edition. Buy a few! It really does bring out the mango scent…the flavour, I am not sure and do not plan on tasting it. I had tried Body Shop’s mango butter years ago, and the taste of glycerine lingered in my mouth for the whole day. But if anyone would like to lick my hands, just let me know. I must add though that you will have to apply it often if you want to smell like a mango, as the scent does not linger for long.

I think this particular cream reminds me of my flat in India, and the plaza next door to it. There was a stand that I would frequent, where I found the best mango shakes! Of course, I would not look at what was happening behind the counter, as I noticed the black fingernails on the young gentleman that would prepare my drink, using his bare hands to cut the mangoes and throw them in, during my first visit to him. He had become accustomed to me asking for no ice, and less milk and adding my own bottled water that I brought with me to the blender. And if I ordered a small, ‘Madame, just buy big one today,’ he would nod and say. Oh those yummylicious mango shakes! I could do mango sandwiches, mango butter, mango lassi and mango martinis even!


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